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QuantConnect launches Algorithm Framework

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QuantConnect, an open-source, cloud-based algorithmic trading platform, has made Algorithm Framework, a tool that provides a defined structure for developing algorithms and allows users to share and utilise individual code modules from other members to build and enhance their strategies, available to its community of over 55,000 users.

The Algorithm Framework tool breaks down algorithms into five core features: Universe Selection, Alpha Creation, Portfolio Construction, Execution and Risk Management. The well-defined structure permits modules to be used interchangeably; allowing quants to quickly “plug in” to powerful new models from the community. Quants can focus their time and effort on coding parts of a strategy where they excel, while borrowing modules from other community members to fill in the areas where they are not as proficient. Giving users the ability to share modules from existing strategies to utilize in newer strategies eliminates the need for re-coding, which reduces the possibility of syntax errors and saves users’ time.
“Algorithm Framework elevates the efficiency of algo trading strategies by providing a well-defined structure that presents a number of advantages over conventional design,” says QuantConnect CEO Jared Broad (pictured). “This tool allows our quants to focus on their strengths and tap into the shared expertise of our open-source community; as a result, every module of an algo can be top quality.”
Algorithm Framework is available at no additional cost to the QuantConnect community. In Q1 of 2018, QuantConnect’s community continued to grow, reaching a major milestone: over 55,000 quants, computer scientists, engineers and professional traders have designed and deployed more than 1.2 million strategies on the platform. Late last year, QuantConnect introduced its Alpha Streams project, which enables the QuantConnect community to opt into licensing their alpha-generating insights to quantitative funds, and has recently welcomed Tibra, a quantitative research and investment group, as the first client sourcing alpha from the marketplace.

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