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Quantitative Brokers announces global expansion plans

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Quantitative Brokers (QB), a global provider of advanced execution algorithms and data-driven analytics for global futures and interest rate markets, plans to hire 20 total new full-time employees in 2021. 

Employees will be based around the globe with particular focus on data analytics and product engineering which will further enhance execution performance and analysis.

“Algo trade execution continues to play a critical role in the growing derivatives market. In 2020, we saw a 36 per cent growth in global futures according to FIA data. Our buy and sales-side clients increasingly depend on QB’s global execution tools and dynamic engineering in this ever-evolving market structure,” says Christian Hauff, QB CEO and Co-Founder who plans to increase coverage in APAC. “The expanded team will help QB remain at the forefront, providing the next evolution of algo trading strategies fueled by machine learning and industry-leading microstructure research for both CLOB and RFQ market structures.”

“We have seen accelerated growth and adoption of QB algos since the beginning of the pandemic, and we expect that growth to continue in 2021 and beyond,” says Tim Gits, QB Chief Sales Officer. “The electronification of the trading desk and strong demand for intelligent, data driven trading solutions will continue.”

Since executing its first client trade in 2010, QB has grown to become a premiere fintech provider of execution algos across fixed-income, futures, with the most recent addition of options. With a suite of seven algorithms, four offices worldwide, and nearly 60 employees, QB’s clients include many of the world’s biggest asset managers, hedge funds, CTAs, global banks, public and private companies.

“QB was founded on innovation, we will continue to lead change in 2021 by bringing the next generation of quantitative execution concepts and ideas such as our dynamic regime switching logic, options and OTC strategies and big advances in trade performance evaluation and cost modelling driven by machine learning,” says Hauff. “We are responding to our buy and sell side client needs and expanding into more futures exchanges, asset classes while providing richer analytics services.”

Founded by Chief Scientist Dr Robert Almgren and Chief Executive Officer Hauff, QB was formed to service the growing demand for more intelligent execution across global futures and fixed income markets. In 2020, QB executed over USD5 trillion in futures, US cash treasuries and options markets globally. QB currently supports the world’s largest exchanges, covering over 120 futures instruments and US cash treasury markets.

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