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RSRCHXchange launches ESG initiative

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RSRCHXchange, a research marketplace and aggregator, has launched a new ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiative with dedicated functionality on its RSRCHX platform focusing on specialist ESG research.

RSRCHXchange says that with concerns around responsible investing becoming increasingly prevalent, ESG research has seen a large rise in popularity, helping investors ensure they are able to direct their funds into sustainable opportunities which take the long-term picture into account.
With issues such as climate change and company management recently being brought into stark focus, many are turning to ESG research to ensure their portfolios continue to comply and attract a new generation of impact conscious investors. New regulations are driving demand for sustainable investments, including IORP II and the European Commission’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance in Europe and new rules from the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK.
RSRCHX now hosts ESG research from a wide range of providers, including independent research specialists as well as ESG research from banks and brokers. RSRCHX has introduced a dedicated section for research looking at various crucial aspects of the ESG space, allowing professional client users to purchase reports on both an individual and bespoke basis, as well as purchasing analyst time for further dedicated ESG insights.
Mark Andrich, CEO & Founder, Sustainable Platform, says: “Sustainable Development is the only tangible concept that can help the environment and others today and, ultimately, underlies long-term risk/profitability of businesses into the future. Sustainable Development Goals bring focus and opportunity to quantify sustainable development contributions of companies which is important not only for impact investors, but also investors seeking businesses focused on meeting future demand from a new generation of customers expecting sustainable outcomes. We are delighted to partner with RSRCHXchange to provide these insights on SDG impact and sustainability risk to their clients through our unique data and reports.”
Jeremy Davies (pictured), Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, adds: “Following increasing demand for ESG research from many of our clients on the RSRCHX platform, we are very pleased to offer a specific point of focus for our users to discover and buy reports and analyst meetings that are proving essential to their decisions in the current landscape. With a wide scope of priced reports and bespoke research, we are proud to be a platform providing clients with this essential coverage all in one place.”

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