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Salus Alpha launches special situations fund

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Salus Alpha and stock analyst Roland Neuwirth have launched a special situations fund, called Salus Alpha RN Special Situations.

Salus Alpha manages the fund and Neuwirth is the adviser.

The fund targets absolute returns independent of market benchmarks adopting a traditional bottom-up stock picker approach.
Salus Alpha RN Special Situations combines a core portfolio of few selected top companies (30 per cent – 40 per cent) and the opportunistical exploitation of opportunities in special situations (zero per cent – 70 per cent).

The fund invests only in companies whose business models have been analysed by Neuwirth and his team.

The funds seeks to exploit opportunities in special situations, such as merger and acquisitions opportunities, changes in capital structure, management changes, share buy backs, director’s dealings, IPOs or capital increases, index changes or profit surprises.
The fund is deliberately geared to no benchmark and tries to attain a performance of 10 to 15 per cent p.a. and a Shape Ratio of over one. The fund is Ucits III compliant, daily liquid and 100 per cent transparent.
The success of the Salus Alpha RN Special Situations is based on two strong pillars: On the one hand Salus Alpha offers the necessary alternative investment industry know-how and the infrastructure and on the other hand Roland Neuwirth and his team of three experienced analysts can fully rely on his stock picker abilities.

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