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Total trading volumes of Eurex/TAIFEX Link surpasses 200,000 contracts.

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From the launch date of 15 May 2014 to 17 December 2014, the total trading volume of Eurex listed Daily Futures on TAIEX Futures (TX) and TAIEX Options (TXO) totalled 201,610 contracts.

Along with an increasing uncertainty in world financial markets recently, the Eurex/TAIFEX Link has become the best choice to manage position risks in an after-hour trading session in Taiwan futures market. The trading volume continued to mark an uptrend force, hitting a record high of 4,374 contracts on 16 December.
When Eurex/TAIFEX Link was first introduced, the average daily trading volume (ADV) in May is merely 599 contracts. In 7 months, the ADV increased to 2,476 contracts as of December 17, accounting for a 343% growth rate.
The Eurex/TAIFEX Link is traded in Taiwanese after-hours from CST 14:45 to 04:00 (or 03:00 during Germany Daylight saving time), covering the core trading sessions in US and European markets. As an after-hour facility, the Eurex/TAIFEX Link creates a great channel for investors to manage their after-hour risks when the regular market is closed in Taiwan. Responding to the increasingly changing financial environments recently, we believe the trading volume of Eurex/TAIFEX Link has a great potential to grow further and will continue to mark its outstanding performance in the near future.”

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